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Klaatu - So said the lighthouse keeper & Hope 1977

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  1. So said the lighthouse keeper
    Hope (from 05.49)
    artist: Klaatu
    album: Hope (1977)

    So Said the Lighthouse Keeper + Hope are the last two songs on the concept album 'Hope', Klaatu's second album. On the inner sleeve of the lp the lyrics to So Said the Lighthouse Keeper are followed by an Epilogue that I included in the slideshow. I perceive it as the bridge that binds these two tracks together. Also, the lyrics to Epilogue belong to a track that didn't make it to the album Hope, but was eventually published on Sun Set (2005)

    Klaatu was for years speculated and rumoured to be a secret Beatles-reunion
    but they are:
    John Woloschuk : vocals - bass - guitar - keyboards
    Terry Draper : vocals - drums - guitar - keyboards - slide trombone
    Dee Long : vocals - guitar - keyboards
    Klaatu was formed in 1973 in Toronto, Canada
    For more information on Klaatu and on where to buy their music:

    So Said The Lighthouse Keeper
    (John Woloschuk)

    "I am the very loneliest of all creatures in the universe
    Indeed I am an epitaph to man
    For having witnessed mass destruction like you've never dreamed and worse
    I fear I shall bear witness once again."

    So said the lighthouse keeper
    As he struggled up the spiral stairs
    Which led him to the laser flare which spanned the cosmic void
    Where keeping constant vigil
    He'd forewarn this gallant guard of guards
    Beware all ships the space graveyard and its stones of asteroids

    "For though my race was thought immune
    Themselves they did consume
    So be warned or be mourned tomorrow
    And from your deafness do desist
    And pray take heed of this
    For your present course can only end in sorrow..."

    So said the lighthouse keeper
    As he wiped a teardrop from his nose
    Upon which his spectacles rose and gazed out to the stars
    And like a portrait still he stared
    And sighing to himself declared
    "I must invent the perfect prayer
    Not yours, not mine, but ours

    Which in the name of charity
    Might lead us to eternal peace
    The ultimate philosophy
    Some simple, single phrase." The old and much encumbered man
    Then came to rest with head in hand
    He thought
    and thought
    and thought away
    His last remaining day.


    When to his end the old man came
    Death told him "You'll not die in vain"
    And on his lips the fatal kiss was placed

    But from within his falling chest
    The old man uttered one last breath
    And had we heard his parting word
    We'd know that he had said...


    (John Woloschuk)

    Hope is like a lighthouse keeper's beam
    Hope, the master cobbler of our dreams
    For Hope believes in desert streams
    The mightiest of stars
    The microcosm in a jar
    Vast or small, they all revolve on Hope

    Hope the guardian angel of the dove
    Hope a gift of guidance from above
    For Hope is the heart in mother's love
    No plans could be conceived
    No ships could fare the seas
    For there would be no courage were it not for Hope

    Now the path before us lies before our very eyes
    Don't you see
    And it leads up to the gateway
    Lead me through
    Don't you see

    Then come and take my hand
    Raise up your head
    And dry your eyes
    For up ahead I see
    Woh woh yeah
    A ray of peace
    A-shining on me

    So let us feel Hope
    And feel the sunrise in our minds
    To give Hope is to enlighten all mankind
    Ah but lose Hope and life seems black as blind
    When faith gives way to fear
    When motivation disappears
    All is lost if one abandons Hope
    All is lost
    If one abandons Hope